Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A long time coming - Writing from Experiences

First, I must apologize for the very long delay in blogging. Things have been hectic, and I have not had time for everything.

This post will be shorter than my usual, and it will not be full of links or resources. This is a personal journey, and as such, it will be my thoughts. Today, I want to comment -- briefly -- on writing from your experiences.

From the length of time that you have maybe noticed from my previous post to this one, a lot has happened. There has been family drama, the death of my great uncle, and other things which I do not wish to delve into.

A lot of drama and personal problems often results in a writer not writing. It happens to me, and it happens to those I know who also write. However, this is the perfect time to be writing. The experiences are ways to have you as a writer delve into the real pain, tragedies and personalities of characters. If you want your characters to be real, give them real emotions.

To learn those real emotions, examine your own emotions. Examine the emotions of those around you. That is how I try to make my characters real.

Crap happens.

Me, I'll use that crap to my advantage.

Once I get done digging out from a back log of other things I must get done, I will resume posting useful tidbits of information, but it will be at least another week or two until that point.