Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pub Tips and Query Fails!

I love Twitter. It is a wonderful source of information, tips and people.

Today's blog post serves two purposes. First, it allows me to procrastinate starting the massive spring cleaning efforts I must begin as soon as I am done writing this. Second, it allows me to share with you one of the resources I truly love.

I will make comments as needed. However, most of these are rather self-explanatory.

Enjoy! The format is as follows: The name of the person who made the post, then their post.


#pubtip Can you at least try to hide that your query has been forwarded to 10 other agents? Those blue forward lines are distracting me.


Dear random author: For the last time, I WILL NOT EAT YOUR COOKIES. #pubtip


Reading a query that was interesting up until the part where it said the wordcount was over 390k. Don't do this. #pubtip

(Why: Most epic fantasies, even the 'long ones', tend to cap at 250 words. There are exceptions, but not often. If you're writing epic fantasy... do yourself a favor and save the 500,000 word monstrosities for book #2.)


Authors, the following words have VERY different meanings, so stop mixing them up: important/impotent; prostrate/prostate #pubtip


Finishing your 100,000 word book in 10 days is not a selling point. Might be true, but don't put that in your query. #pubtip


#pubtip Novelists: if you're not done writing it, it's not time to query an agent. No matter how "good" it is. Query when it's complete.


an MFA, while it may improve your writing skills, does not make you more publishable or guarantee you success as an author #pubtip


Eight sentences. Only seven paragraphs. #queryfail

... twitter has failed and won't let me access the older posts to get out some of my favorite query fails. That said, please head over here for #queryfail and here for #pubtip. Both of these feeds often have a lot of excellent resources for writers. It is really an eye-opener to see just what gets an agent riled up.

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