Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The E-book World

This post has been a long time coming. Let us just say I've been sick and busy and leave it at that.

I bought a kindle on Monday. It will arrive on Thursday. I saw one my friend had, and she was nice enough to allow me to handle it. (She even forgave me for losing her page as I was playing with her kindle rather than leaving her book on the page she left on...)

I was taken with it immediately. It is a tiny bundle of gadget geek glory. Complete with leather cover and a book light. I got mine in red leather, as I have an extreme fondness for red leather.

My first impression was, "This doesn't look much different than a real book!" This is what spurred my desire for one. That, plus my husband gave me the final ultimatum: Get rid of books or do not buy new ones. Apparently 600-800 titles crammed into two bookshelves is excessive.

I do not want to stop buying books OR get rid of my preciouses, and he refuses to get another book case, so the kindle was a good compromise. I already bought 34 classical novels I haven't read that I have wanted to read. And I already have already added a few books onto my wishlist. There are a few books I can't get as an ebook, but I'm sure I'll be able to talk him into just one or two titles.

I am definitely curious how authors view their works as ebooks. If you have been published and have both print and ebook copies, and don't mind sharing the stats between how many buy ebooks versus print, I would be curious to find out.


  1. Ooo, I love my Kindle. Hope you enjoy yours!

  2. I recently got an eReader (late November/early December). I got the Sony Pocket Edition, and I love it.

    It doesn't stop me from buying "real" books though. I compromise with myself. If the book is by an author I know I love, I buy the physical book. If it's a new-to-me-author that I'm on the fence about, an author I like so-so or a genre that's not my usual/favorite, I go the ebook route.

    I'm also rebuying the big 800pg fantasies I love (and have lost over the years due to lots of moving), and I'm planning on buying those in eBook since it's much easier to carry those around when they're smooshed inside an eReader.